Smoking create health problems and Cause Impotence to Men’s

Everything in one-way shape or forms badly for us apparently, or create problems in other areas of our lives. Smoking is one of those things. It is listed as one of the worst things that will do if you want a full sexual life. But why is that?


Well, for one thing, smoking is known to increase the chance of impotence by 50% in men in their 30’s and 40’s. That man is a lot of opportunities to be impotent!


Erection occurred due to a large number of blood rushes into the penis through the arteries and stuck there because of the increased pressure on the veins that normally allow blood to leave the penis. If you smoke, this function will be impaired to some degree and will be worse the longer you smoke.


Less blood flow to the penis because their arteries are supposed to be nice and smooth and clean of debris being slowly blocked by fatty deposits that have built up over time. This process has a name, and it is arteriosclerosis, and unfortunately, in addition to having bad cholesterol, smoke is a major cause.


Another problem with smoking is that when you inhale the smoke into your body, nicotine stimulates the brain and cause something called vasospasm. Vasospasm is a quick seizure of the tissue in the penis, which causes the blood flow to the penis to decrease, and the lack of blood in the penis means less pressure and less stress means no erection.


Smoking will also interfere with the mobility and quality of your sperm. Your swimmers will swim with health care is too long. Add to that the amount of ejaculate will decrease, which means your sperm when they swim will not have the necessary protection of the seminal fluid. And just to put the topping on the cake for you. DNA in the sperm permanently and irreversibly damaged by smoking.


All in all, nicotine is a hard taskmaster to the body and especially heavy on the penis. It affects the small blood vessels of the penis and causes them to become damaged. Again, to translate that for you, it means no blood to the penis is not erect. But if you use Viagra then you can get it out of this problem.


I know what you’re thinking, it will take many years to get to that point, and you may be right in your thinking, but even though our bodies can take a huge amount of punishment, it will happen when you least expect it to.


A small note on something I read: medical authority and anti-smoking lobby groups were trying to get a general surgeon to put on cigarette labels. Not that smoking kills, but the warning should read, “smoking causes impotence!” Perhaps then he will stop smoking!

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