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Second printing on the way!

I’m pleased to announce that demand for the OSGi and Equinox book has been quite high. Certainly not NY Times bestseller material but in the 6 months since it has been out we have shipped almost 3500 copies. For context, we are told that selling a total of 10,000 copies for tech a book is a very reasonable number so this is a great start.  In any event, the publisher is running a second printing next week as they are almost out of copies. Paul, Simon and I are just finishing up a few editorial changes and corrections to incorporate reader feedback (thanks!) and then its off to the presses.  Again.

Using OSGi & Equinox Effectively: An interview

The other day I had a great time doing an interview with James Sugrue at DZone about OSGi, Equinox, best practices and our new OSGi and Equinox book.

Working through the questions was pretty interesting.  I had not thought about having been involved in Eclipse for 11 years now!  Time flies I guess. It also gave me a chance to reflect on some of the key topics covered in the OSGi and Equinox book — loose coupling, high cohesion, attention to API, POJO programming, … I think these topics are pretty relevant to many developers. It was also gratifying to see that the book has been in the top 5 of Amazon’s hourly Hot New Java Books report for the past few days at least.

Printed books arrive…

Finally! Moments ago I received my personal copy of the new OSGi and Equinox book!

More than a year in the making it is very gratifying to finally have the physical book. The cover looks great and the production team did a good job of the layout.

To celebrate I updated the book website a bit to have forums and a few other things. More will come in the next few days including a teaser chapter and the table of contents. Some people have asked for the samples in a zip file so we’ll put that together as well. Stay tuned.

Of course, if you just can’t wait and want to get the book now, you can
buy it now. Note that Amazon thinks that it is still coming but I’m assured that it is indeed in-stock so ordering now will get it to you shortly. Enjoy.

Finally, for those of you taking a wait and see approach, we are planning to give a few away at our EclipseCon tutorial… The tutorial will use material from the book giving you a great opportunity to get a quick start and then dive deep and explore more by reading the book afterwards. See you there.

Cover and content finalized

After more than a year of work we have finally completed the entire OSGi and Equinox book. The text, artwork, index, front matter and now cover are done and will be off to the printer and a bookstore near you.

OSGi and Equinox cover

The cover marks a departure from the original series style of Eclipse photos. The publisher and series editorial team felt that that theme had run its course and the wanted a new look.  We are pleased to be the first book with the new look. Expect subsequent books in the series to have a similar upper portions with different main images in the lower half.

Note also the use of the EclipseRT logo on the upper right corner.


Books in the series will have either the Eclipse logo or the EclipseRT logo depending on their focus (tooling vs. runtime). The upcoming 2nd edition of the RCP book will be the second in the series to have the EclipseRT logo on the front.