Chapter 20 errata

Page 348 — The steps in section 20.3.1 suggest that you should use the Target Platform Export wizard to get the base set of bundles against which you can build your system. It turns out that that wizard is only available in Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and later. To date we have been unable to back port that function to Eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo).  To work around this, you can either

  • Start a plain Eclipse 3.6 on your OSGi and Equinox samples workspace, export the target as described and then switch back to using Eclipse 3.5.2 with the Samples Manager installed
  • Install the Samples Manager into Eclipse 3.6 and work from there.

Note that if you choose the latter approach there may be some minor issues as the book samples and workflows have been tested most rigorously with Eclipse 3.5.2.

Chapter 24 errata

Below are the issues in Chapter 24 of the 1st printing of the book.

Page 444 — In section 24.2, “The Component Lifecycle”, the second sentence mentions the Bundle-Activation manifest header, which is incorrect. The correct header name is Bundle-ActivationPolicy.

Chapter 11 Errata

Below are the issues in Chapter 11 of the 1st printing of the book.

Page 174 — In the first paragraph of section 11.1.1 we tell you to look at the component.xml for the Crust shell bundle and list the bundle ID as  In fact, the bundle is  That is, no “toast” segment in the ID.

Page 193 — You may have to run the Toast Client a second time to get the Google Earth integration to work. There appears to be some timing issues with the downloading and initialization of the Google Earth browser plugin. Be patient, it will install and startup.

Chapter 9 Errata

Below are the issues in Chapter 9 of the 1st printing of the book.

Page 142 — The second step says to select the “org.equinoxosgi.toast.product.backend” project whereas it should say select the “ToastBackEnd” project.

Page 146 — The instructions for setting up the autostarter bundle should include setting the Start-level = 1 on the Configuration page of any .product in which it is listed. Things will generally work without this but it stands to reason that bundles installed at start-level 2, for example, should be started by the autostarter. This will not happen unless the autostarter itself is started!