Book content

Take a look inside the OSGi and Equinox book with the following free content.

  • Get the big picture by looking through the complete table of contents.
  • Discover the origin, use and value of OSGi and Equinox by reading Chapter 1.
  • See how the tutorial guides you through detailed technical topics. Check out the complete Chapter 6, an introduction to Dynamic Services with OSGi.

Sample code

Need the sample code? The best way is to use the standard Eclipse online software discovery mechanisms as described in Chapter 3 of the book. Point the Eclipse software installer (Help > Install new software) at and discover the Samples Manager.

Alternatively, you can get the latest Samples Manager repository here. Just download the archive and point Eclipse to the ZIP file rather then using the Archive button when adding a software site.

Note that this archive and the online repository will be updated from time to time as we fix issues and add to the samples. Check our blog and the errata site for the latest news.