Helios SR1 based Toast available @eclipse.org

As you may know, Toast, the example application from the OSGi and Equinox book, is extended and enhanced in the Examples project at Eclipse. To celebrate the release of Eclipse Helios SR1 today, we have updated Toast@Eclipse to use all the latest and greatest bits from Helios. This includes the p2 API as well as updated target platforms, the latest RAP and remote OSGi services via ECF.

Readers of the book will be familiar with Toast and will find that the example at Eclipse roughly corresponds to the Chapter 14 sample with bits of later chapters sprinkled around.  In addition you will see integration with EMF, EclipseLink and Teneo for modelling and managing the vehicles on the backend and of course, a cool RAP UI on the server.

Check it out by going to the Eclipse Toast home page and following the Getting Started guide.