Two sample chapters available

To give readers an idea of what the OSGi and Equinox book is like we have made available Chapters 1 and 6 available on the book download site. Chapter 1 introduces OSGi and Equinox in both a conceptual and historical setting. We talk about:

  • where OSGi came from
  • how Equinox started
  • basic notions of modularity and their impact on software development

Finally the chapter wraps up with a discussion of NASA’s use of OSGi on the client and server for manage space missions.

As the title of Chapter 6, Dynamic Services, covers the exploitation of OSGi’s service model in dynamic scenarios. Chapter 5 covers the basics of services but Chapter 6 dives into:

  • ServiceTracker
  • Service Activator Toolkit
  • Declarative Services

Check it out and see what you think.  Still on the fence? Read James Sugrue’s review on DZone. Wanna buy? See the book website.